Discourse 2.14: Quickly find people with the right skills within your company!

One of the things that we would like to deliver is a great working environment. We believe that enterprise social collaboration systems are about bringing people together and helping them get stuff done more efficiently. No matter if they are employees, customers or partners.

A typical problem in large enough working environments is that you quickly loose track of who is good in which areas. People come and go and often you are ask yourself (or your team mates) "who can help me with that problem? Do we have an english speaking lawyer who knows about IP law in our company?"

Today Discourse gives you ability not only to create great workspaces for your teams but also to quickly search and find people that can help you do your tasks.

1. Create your profesional profile in Discourse

2. Instantly find people that could help you

Discourse 2.13 release: Collaborative document editing and more!

In the latest version of Discourse there are many new features, updates and bug fixes but we would like to highlight two things:
Collaborative document editing (called Wiki) attached to every workspace in the system and new notifications.

  • Wiki

Key features of Wiki include ability to:
  1. Edit text in easy to use WYSIWIG editor
  2. Create complex page hierarchy with subpages (nested)
  3. Track versions of each page with information who changed what
  4. Quickly show changes made to each version within the Wiki page
  5. Quickly revert any version of the page
  6. Archive and share versions with external Workspace users
  7. Comment each page in the Wiki
  8. Print each page or all pages at once    

Click to zoom

  • New notifications

We wanted to give greater control to users to follow up on some important notifications later, so we don't mark notifications as read by default. It's a user action now.

See screenshot for more details.

  • Other improvements in Discourse 2.13

  1. Now it's possible to receive daily digest or weekly digest on status updates for each group
  2. Enterprise version of Discourse includes ability to define Org Chart of the organisation
  3. We support open workspaces (anyone can join) in addition to private workspaces
  4. Every post now has a Like Count. Users can sort information on their feed and inside the workspaces by the Like Count

Discourse iPhone App!

Today we were accepted to iTunes App Store - please download and rate our app!

Click here to download

Discourse 2.9 - Responsive UI

Major feature is the new responsive UI that adjusts to the screen resolution or device that you are using to access the system.

Below you'll see screens of Discourse on iPad and iPhone (this looks similar to the screen on Windows Phone 7.x and Android devices).

iPad version of our interface

iPhone version of our interface

We have also fixed a lot of bugs in the system, improved usability and added attachment and edit feature for messages.

Now you can add attachments while posting a message. Files are automatically put into Files folder  - you can even choose specific collection for them!

In details view of the message you now can edit its content

Enhance your Business Page on Facebook with Discourse 2.6!

We will start 2012 with a big bang - new release of our software!

This post will describe first of the big changes that we have introduced in Discourse 2.6

Discourse for Facebook (public beta) - The best add-on for your business page on Facebook!

Why we have created this Facebook integration? Because there is no way to have a private & secure communication channel with your fans on your fan page today. Because there is such a great opportunity for turning Facebook into a great sales & support channel for business and turn your fans into actual happy customers!

You can start using our Facebook integration right away. Just jump to your workgroup settings (maybe makes sense to create special workgroup to support or sell to your Facebook fans?) and click on the Facebook logo.

First customize your Fan Page welcome view:

Next step is just to select Fan Page on which you want to install Discourse.

Below you can see a Fan Page landing page sample - you can choose your own logo and welcome text - we let you put there HTML so customization can be pretty deep. Below you will see sample landing page - on our own Fan Page

So you probably want to know how Discourse looks like for your customers?
Take a look at this beautiful way of exchanging files, pictures, messages, comments and tasks with your clients (click on the image to make it bigger).

Next up - we will describe:
New Notifications
iPhone app (private beta)
Workgroup navigation with All Workgroups view

Stay tuned & Happy New Year!
Discourse Team.

Private Communication with Your Brand Fans on Facebook

Got a fan page on Facebook with thousands or tens of thousands of fans there? So what do you do with sales leads that you generate there. Or customer requests? Do you have a prive space to discuss problems or opportunities with your fans?


Discourse is opening closed beta program for brands that would like to engage their fans in private conversations on Facebook.

You can share files, documents, tasks, messages and custom updates in private and secure workspace - only with hand picked person - upon his/her request.

Everything that you share there is visible only to invited people!

You can store whole conversation history in our system as well as additional information about your customers.

Your customer can invite additional people from his side - you can as well if it's necessary.

Do you want to be part of our Beta program? 

Just go to our Facebook page and sign up thru our private and secure workspace!

WTF is NPS??

Last week we've been discussing concept of EgoDollars - how you can employ this concept to promote your products using your most influential users. Today I would like to talk a little bit about NPS - Net Promoter Score.

Net Promoter Score can help you understand how many people would like to recommend your product and how many people would not only not recommend your product but also actively tell their friends to use something else.

If you connect both concepts (identification of most influential users and checking their attitude towards your product) can result in very powerful knowledge of whom should you target and ask for reference or ask why he/she don't like the product.

How to check your NPS?

Simply build a survey and ask your users! You can embed your survey into your Discourse workspaces (i.e. right after login ask your users to select one of the numbers in a neat modal box). We will store this information in our system and will show you the results in a neat report (let us know if you would like to have access to this feature!). 

Calculating your NPS is very easy - get percentage of people who selected number 0 to 6  and percentage of people that selected 9 and 10. Subtract your detractor percentage from your promoter percentage. The result is your score.

Ideal score is of course 100 (100% of people select 9 or 10 and 0% of people select anything else). 
This should be your ultimate goal, but of course we all know that it's pretty much impossible to achieve.

Anyway - we wish you good luck! Remember - Discourse can help you significantly increase your customers engagement and satisfaction! :)